Growing up some kids looked at the walls of their house and saw limitations, but you saw possibilities. And so, armed with your favourite crayons you created masterpieces, truly inspired combinations of colours, shapes and patterns. And while not everyone understood or condoned your works, you knew the worth of your creativity. Even many years later this gift remained within you and it remains within us too. Our shirts are our masterpieces from those walls long ago and they are made for people like us, who were born to be bold.

We believe that what we wear has the power to express who we are. We are anything but ordinary, and we were born to be bold. Our obsession with prints fuels our creativity and drives us to constantly push the boundaries in men’s fashion. Our shirts are made with the highest quality 100% cotton fabric. They are pre-shrunk and pre-washed so you don’t have to worry about colour fading or shrinkage. They are machine washable, easy to care for and designed in Vancouver, Canada.

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